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About the Company

GMJ Technologies, Inc. is a Seattle-based company developing analytical solutions to revolutionize the proteomics and protein-drugs analytical workflows with novel technologies that provide fast, efficient, and reliable protein analysis in various stages of research, developments, and manufacturing.

Our proprietary CeMAX UVTM is a capillary electrophoresis separation system coupled with optical-MS detection. It offers several unique capabilities that address challenges in protein characterization significantly improved robustness, sensitivity, and reduced reagent consumption; thus, reducing cost of development and time-to-market for customers.

Tech Holders

Jenny Rooke, Ph.D

Mike Rubin, Ph.D

Lena Wu, Ph.D

Rohit Khanna, Ph.D

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Leadership Team

Tosin Dada, Ph.D (Principal/CEO)

Dr Tosin Dada is the lead principal and CEO of GMJ. He has over 15 years of exposure in analytical instrument development and applications in bioanalysis. He brings diverse experience in separation, spectroscopy, optics, mass spectrometry, fluidics, and biopharmaceutical analytical development. He is a leader in development of capillary electrophoresis techniques with notable contributions.


Paul Latta, MBA

Roslyn Hendriks, DVM, Ph.D., MBA

Ken Marzinsky, MBA

Jeff Chapman, Ph.D.



Notch up your biologics characterization with our CeMAX UVTM Achieve comprehensive characterization with integrated optical-MS data, profound efficiency, and robustness. Achieve analysis in 10 mins or less.


Achieve exquisite sensitivity with enhanced efficiency in proteomics and metabolomics with our CeMAX UVTM. Outstanding separation throughput debottlenecks your omics’ workflow and saves your precious time.


We offer unique utra-sensitive optical detection capabilities tailored to specific applications in VLP, Vaccines, and Gene Therapy developments. Minimize precious sample waste with our nanovial for 1 μL sample volume.